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Please help!

Since 1986, when I first came to Europe, I have brought almost 500 native Mexicans to Europe, who have supported me in the recovery of the feather crown. Alone in 1992 to the "500-year celebration" of the discovery of America we have been over 120 persons! For all these people I had to finance the flight tickets, accommodation and food, transport and maintenance of the families! In the meantime, I have traveled 2 million kilometers around the world, have given countless interviews for television, radio and newspapers, held numerous discussions with politicians, celebrities and royal families, lectured, and, and, and ... 

Almost everything I have done so far, I had to finance by myself! Through the sale of my books, the production of traditional craftsmanship, through lectures, seminars, workshops and through the trips I have organized to Mexico.

Countless people know about my concerns, a lot of them have a great interest in these topics, and almost everyone thinks the holy crown should come home, where it belong and to the people who need it! BUT NOBODY DOES ANYTHING! 

It would be so easy and there are so many possibilities! You do not need to give financial help yourself, if you cannot. There are many others who can. For example, you can get in touch with foundations, associations, companies, individuals ect. Or even regularly donate.

Active participation

Also very important, because nobody can achieve anything, it always needs people who have the same goals.

I am very worried about our world! There is a lot of hatred, terror, violence, disrespect, dissatisfaction, loneliness, jealousy, alcoholism, drug addiction, wars and distress! Children, women, old people, teenagers - they literally die to hundreds of thousands around the world, every year! From famine, aggression, sex crimes, frustrations and wars! It can not go on like this! 

Everywhere you look, there are problems of all kinds. I believe that only we humans have made these problems, through our arrogance, money, impatience and myopia. That's why we can solve these problems! We have to rebuild old values, change ourselves, because that's what we all have in mind! That is why cooperation and cooperation is very, very important! 

It is high time that we do not think of individual countries, but of humanity! We are all brothers, we are all sisters, for we have the same mother: MOTHER EARTH! I want this world to be better! It is time for us not to have but also to give. We must be active, not passive! 

Every kind of support is needed: contacts, organizations, associations, the press, organization of events, seminars, lectures and, of course, financially, as well. Because - unfortunately! - without donations and financial support, I can not continue my mission! 

You can support us in many ways. But quite simply - in goodness, towards yourself and other people! 

Of course, I would like to thank you very much for your interest and wish you all that the sun shines in your heart, because it is incredibly important that it shines there! Because - your eyes will radiate much more, you will be much more human.

Life is very nice, enjoy it! AHO!  



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