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My name is Xokonoschtletl Gómora. I am spokesman for the UN and envoy of the human rights organization "Frente Mexicano Pro Derechos Humanos" from Mexico to Europe, I am a book author and certified tourist guide for all of Mexico.

I call on the Austrian Parliament behalf of our and many other organizations, the sacred feather crown of Montezuma Xokoyotzin, the 9th Ruler of the Aztecs to be permanently returned to his country of origin Mexico. The feather crown of Montezuma Xokoyotzin, the 9th Emperor of the Aztecs, is a relic and one of the most important testimonies of our pre-Columbian history, which is outside of our country MEXICO. She is not only a witness to the flowering time, but also the violent destruction of our Mexican civilizations that no longer recovered from the encounter with the Europeans!

The feather crown of Montezuma is the only preserved feathered crown of the old times. It consists of exactly 400 green tail feathers of the rainforest bird quetzal, which is a very sacred bird to the Aztecs and Mayans. It is studded with gold leaf, symbolizing the sun, were originally numbered and enabled cosmic calculations.

After the assassination of Montezuma (1520) the crown was stolen by the Spaniards and later passed into the possession of the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna. It has been in Austria since 1524. Since then the country Austria assumes that the feather crown was legally purchased and the purchase of stolen goods was also lawful.

For decades, we - the descendants of the Aztecs, ask for the return of the sacred feather crown to Mexico, because it represents, similar to the papal miter, not only the political and economic power, but also the even more important, the spiritual power. Three official requests of the Austrian SPÖ and the Greens on return, gift and permanent loan (of 11.05.2005, 07.03.2007 and 11.03.2009) remained unanswered and were postponed. In 1996, the Federal President Thomas Klestil promised a return of the feather crown as a sign of gratitude, that Mexico was the first country in the League of Nations in 1938 protested against the annexation of Austria by the Nazi regime. But nothing happened.

According to opinion of the Technical University of Vienna for transporting the feather crown a container would be necessary, which would require an aircraft of 1050 Feet in length. Thus it is not transportable.

"Keiko," the five-ton orca whale in the movie "Free Willy" was transported live together with TONS of ICE and WATER total of four times with the plane!

The secondary explosive nitroglycerin or explosives such as TNT can be transported!

Plan of the Museum inVienna with the colonnade in the center and the exhibition room of the sacred feather crown:

The feather crown was exhibited on the ground floor of the museum, next to the colonnade (Säulenhalle). Regularly concerts, fashion shows, dance competitions and Rock & Pop festivals were presented in the colonnade.

The noise of the music and the vibrations of many drums could be heard and felt for miles! And that is not all, concerts were held in the same room, where the feather crown was exhibited! When another Mexican delegation is needed to repair it again?

The report from Vienna is a farce, not to have to take up the moral responsibility and to escape criticism!

The representatives of Austria for art and culture: Sabine Haag, director of the Art History Museum Vienna and supervisor of Steven Engelsman, director of the "Worldmuseum" Vienna.

A circus show in the middle of the museum where our sacred feather crown is located: cheap, grotesque, bizarre, offensive and away from culture or ethnology! In poor "costumes" a "human sacrifice of the Aztecs" is celebrated, a "heart" is cut from the chest, accompanied by very much blood!
A beer is presented with the name "Penacho" and the portrait of the crown! Directly in the museum under the direction of the director of the museum, Steven Engelsman and his superior, the director of the Museum of Art and History: Sabine Haag.

What a cheap theater!

"I call on the country of Austria: you might no longer be accomplices of murderers and criminals of the passed time! It's completely irrelevant who "owns" our holy crown! After 500 years in exile, it finally have to come back to Mexico, where it belongs to and is needed - culturally and spiritually!

As an act of humanity and as a symbolic reparation for the genocide of the indigenous peoples: Give us back what belongs to us - the holy crown of Montezuma!"


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