My name is Xokonoschtletl Gomora. I am a traditional Aztec dancer and drummer, spokesman for the United Nations, emissary of the human rights organization "Frente Mexicano Pro Derechos Humanos" from Mexico to Europe, honorary member of the National Council of Indigenous Peoples, creative member of the Club of Budapest, speaker, author and multilingual state-certified tourist guide for all of Mexico.



For decades I have been calling on the Austrian Parliament to permanently return the sacred feathered crown of Montezuma Xokoyotzin, the 9th ruler of the Aztecs, to his country of origin, Mexico. For us Mexicans, this crown is a relic and one of the most important testimonies of our millennia-old, pre-Columbian history that is outside of our country. It is not only a testimony of the heyday, but also of the violent destruction of our Mexican advanced cultures, which have never recovered from the encounter with the Europeans!

Montezuma's crown of feathers is the only surviving crown of feathers from ancient times. It consists of exactly 400 green tail feathers of the rainforest bird Quetzal, which i.a. is a very sacred bird for the Aztecs and Mayans. It is encrusted with gold plates symbolizing the sun, which were originally numbered and enabled cosmic calculations. Originally she wore a golden helmet in the shape of a bird's head, probably a quetzal with eyes made of precious stones, which "was lost" in Austria.

The state of Austria claims that it would not be possible to transport the feather crown without damaging it. However, we are sure that safe transport is very possible! Highly explosive substances such as nitroglycerin or TNT, nuclear waste and organs for transplantation can be transported! The five-ton orca whale "Keiko" from the film "Free Willy" was transported alive several times on a plane with tons of ice and water! For the great Aztec exhibition of 2019-2021, similarly old and fragile objects were transported from Mexico to Germany, Austria, Belgium and back to Mexico - a distance of approx. 20,000 km!

On January 20, 2022, the SPÖ submitted a new application to the Austrian Parliament to examine the transportability and return of the crown.

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I'm an international speaker and have given hundreds of interviews for all major newspapers, radio and TV stations worldwide!

I have also held countless lectures, workshops and seminars.

I will talk about topics such as: Aztec traditional medicine and medicine (herbs), importance of the Aztec calendar, health and nutrition, history and present day of Mexico, philosophy, positive thinking and much more.

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I've been a registered tourist guide for all of MEXICO since 1972! Since then, my specialty has been international tourism. In addition to Spanish, I speak German, English and Italian well. I'll take you through a Mexico not normally accessible to tourists.
Mexico is a country of contrasts: desert regions in the north, high mountains and volcanoes in central Mexico and a tropical climate with rainforests in the south, such as on the Yucatan Peninsula and in the Caribbean with its many dream beaches. Advanced cultures such as the Aztecs and Maya have left historical testimonies of great uniqueness. Many of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
On these trips we will visit sacred places and archaeological zones, rivers and caves, walk in the rainforest and much more! I will be available every 24 hours during the trip and will be happy to answer any questions beforehand.
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